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Delivery & Shipping at Buy The Way

Delivery @ Buy The Way

Read this article to learn about your delivery/shipping of your order with Buy The Way.

At Buy The Way, we pride ourselves in bringing you the best possible service that we can – we want to go above and beyond to ensure that your purchase with Buy The Way is not gone to waste and you receive exactly what you ordered in great time.

So here are the steps that are taken to ensure that you are aware and apart of this process:

  1. The first step of course is for you to place your order with Buy The Way.
  2. Once you have placed your order you will receive two emails – the first would be confirmation of the order and the second would be confirmation that your order is now processing with our team.
  3. The next step is when we process this at our depot. Once our team marks of that the items of your order are packaged correctly, if you have selected for the order to be shipped to you and not selected for you to pick it up from our depot in Durban, you will receive another email with a Waybill number.
  4. We at Buy The Way have partnered with Dawn Wing courier services in order to bring you the best service delivery. So now that you have a Waybill number, you can go to the website www.dawnwing.co.za and enter in that waybill number to track your parcel (your waybill number will always be the letters “btw” followed by your order number for example, if your order number is 9000 then your waybill number will be BTW9000.
  5. From here Dawn wing will contact you via SMS and phone call on the mobile number that you have provided to us to ensure that you receive your parcel correctly and on time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and we hope that you have a great time shopping at Buy The Way.


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